5 Ways The War Amps Helps Right Here in Barrie

One hundred years ago, a network of amputee war veterans returning from the First World War came home with a vision of serving other amputees and The War Amps was born. Over time, that vision has grown from supporting amputees who lost limbs in the line of duty to serving all Canadian amputees, including children. Although you may be aware of the support that the War Amps organization provides to amputees and their families, there are a number of ways that this amazing organization is helping right here in Barrie every day that you may not realize.

They Raise Awareness About Devices That Can Help Amputees Get Back To Doing What They Love

The War Amps provides financial assistance to help amputees with the cost of artificial limbs, but they also provide resources that can help inspire amputees to better use those new limbs to enjoy activities they feel passionate about. The Prosthetic Limbs and Devices listing in the Living With Amputation section of their website offers an extensive collection of devices that are available to assist amputees with a wide range of sports and hobbies. From musical devices like drumming aids and guitar picks, to athletic devices for baseball, basketball, hockey, golf, curling and more, this section of their site is an incredibly valuable resource for amputees who may not be aware of the devices that are available.

Their Key Tag Service Saves the Day for Non-amputees Too

Since the debut of their Key Tag service in 1946, the War Amps organization has returned over 1.5 million lost sets of keys to their owners. With some of today’s key fobs costing hundreds of dollars, this service can be a huge cost saver.


A special arrangement with Canada Post means that if your keys are lost, the person who locates them just needs to drop them in a Canada Post box and they’ll be returned to the registered address free of charge. Don’t have a key tag? You can order one here: https://donate.waramps.ca/eforms.aspx?keytags

Their Resources Help Guide the Way Back to a New Normal

For new amputees and their families, navigating life in a whole new way can feel incredibly like an overwhelming challenge. Complimentary information booklets available on the War Amps website can support families through that transition. Topics include:

Life As a New Amputee

Daily Living Aids

Amputees in the Workforce

License to Drive

Pain and Phantom Limbs

They’re Making Roads Safer

The DRIVESAFE program positions child amputees as memorable messengers to communicate the costs of unsafe driving. To help remind Canadian drivers of the importance of safe driving, The War Amps shares defensive driving tips, distributes DRIVESAFE windshield stickers and features the DRIVESAVE message in public service announcements, on parade floats and on key tags.

They’re Teaching Kids the Importance of Safe Play

The PLAYSAFE Program takes a “kids-to-kids” approach to child safety to make children more aware of potential dangers in their play environment. Safety Ambassadors from the War Amps’ Child Amputee program, many of whom have lost limbs in accidents while at play,  give presentations, host displays at community events, ride on board The War Amps PLAYSAFE parade float and appear in videos and public service announcements to warn other children about the importance of spotting danger before you play.

The entire team at Barrie Prosthetics and Orthotics would like to congratulate The War Amps on 100 years of incredibly valuable service to our community. To learn more about The War Amps, visit www.waramps.ca

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