custom made knee brace by prosthetic and orthotics professional. custom bracing by barrie prosthetics and orthotics.

Knee Braces: Off the Shelf or Custom Made

Which is better – off the shelf bracing or custom made bracing? This a question we are all too familiar with! Today we want to break down the advantages to both bracing options as we truly believe that each option has its perks for different scenarios. Let’s start with the easily accessible option:

Off the Shelf Bracing

Off the Shelf bracing is a popular option because it is so easily accessible. Big box stores like Walmart carry a small variety in-store, making it easy for the general public to diagnose themselves and treat themselves with pre-made methods such as braces. At Barrie Prosthetics and Orthotics, we believe that off the shelf bracing definitely as its perks – here’s a short list as to why we love pre-made, off the shelf braces:

  • it is budget-friendly for our clients
  • it is convenient and great for immediate fitting
  • it is ideal for less severe injuries
  • it is ideal for short-term use

Custom Made Bracing

Custom made bracing is often recommended by professionals when a client has a severe injury or needs longer-term support with the help of braces. Unlike off the shelf bracing, this bracing method requires a proper diagnosis, a measurement process and fitting process. Although it is not as a convenient as the previous option, it is much more advanced and offers customizable capabilities to better suit the client’s needs. This is why we love custom made bracing:

  • we can customize the brace to fit you and only you
  • we can customize the length and alignment to make it more comfortable to wear
  • it is ideal for more severe injuries
  • it is ideal for longer-term use
  • there are more warranty options available

Which one sounds like a better fit for your situation? If you’re unsure, please discuss your injury, needs, and cost preference with a professional! Since one option is not better than the other, a proper diagnosis can’t be made just by going through a list of pros and cons. It is best to find out which bracing method will be most ideal for your scenario. For for info on bracing: contact us! Our team of professionals at Barrie Prosthetics and Orthotics are more than willing to help!

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