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3 Winter Safety Tips for People in Wheelchairs

With winter comes changes – changes in weather, clothing, and even daily routines. Although change is not something we all enjoy, you can’t always escape it, especially if mother nature has full control over it. Now, we know that the transition from fall to winter isn’t always as simple as putting hats and mittens on, some changes require a process.

For those who rely on wheelchairs to get them from point A to point B, adapting quickly to the winter season is essential to ensure safety. We want to emphasize and simplify safety for our friends who use wheelchairs this season by sharing our top 3 safety tips!

Snow Tires for Your Wheelchair

A wheelchair is a vehicle. Just like how you would switch out a car’s tires for winter tires, it is no different for wheelchairs.  Snow tires provide extra gripping ability, allows for better control on slippery surfaces, and assists in preventing slips and slides while on-the-go. We highly recommend making the switch as soon as temperatures drop as we truly believe that snow tires can and will play a large role in preventing accidents  – especially in winter conditions!

Always Have a Survival Kit Ready

A survival kit should be an essential for everyone, not just wheelchair users! Having a survival kit ready and with you while on-the-go can be a life saver. This is what you should consider including in to your DIY survival kit:

  • water
  • non-perishable food
  • matches
  • a blanket
  • flashlight
  • external charge for phone

That’s only to name a few key items! Think about your needs and pick items based upon them.

Travel with a Friend or Tell Them Your Whereabouts

The Buddy System is a familiar system used by all ages. This system is great for wheelchair users as having a friend with you provides extra security – an extra pair of eyes will help prevent potential accidents and when extra help is needed, you can rely on them.

Now, we are fully aware that a friend can’t always be by your side, every single day but even letting a friend or family member know your whereabouts is a great idea. This ensures that if there is an issue which occurs or an accident, your family and friends will know exactly where to go to help.

These tips won’t completely stop accidents from happening but they will definitely help in preventing them! If you or someone you know is a wheelchair user, please educate them on how they can stay safe this winter season. If you have any questions, concerns, or are interested in learning more about wheelchair safety – we are an email away!

Be safe, be smart, and have yourself a warm winter.

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