Volleyball for people with disabilities with ParaSport Ontario.. This is why Kawartha Prosthetics loves ParaSoirt

Why We Love ParaSport Ontario

ParaSport Ontario helps in providing recreational and competitive sport programs and activities for members of the disability community. Through these programs, ParaSport Ontario encourages active living to improve the physical function and quality of life. Their mission statement speaks to us and because of that, the team at Kawartha Prosthetics and Orthotics are happy to be sharing a blog dedicated to their amazing services!

Sports and Clubs

ParaSport Ontario offers a variety of programs which encourages physical movement and activity. We want to keep this blog brief so we’re only going to touch on our in-season, winter favourites. To see the full list of available activities, check out their website!

skiing made accessible to people with disabilities with parasport ontarioAlpine Skiing – ParaSport Ontario makes sure that skiers of all types have accessibility by offering equipment such as, sit-skis, outriggers, long poles, snow sliders, guide skiers, accompany downhillers (for the visually impaired) and more!

Amputee Hockey – Popular sport, Amputee hockey allows all hockey fans to enjoy the sport, physically! Confidence, physical conditioning, and self-esteem can be gained from participating.

Nordic Skiing – A fitness and style activity made for everyBODY! ParaSport Ontario hosts races distancing from 1 – 20 kilometers and relays so that you can get your competitive kick in.

Again, ParaSport Ontario has a variety of sports and activities, not just the three we mentioned in today’s blog!


With special-to-ParaSport’s TRY ME sessions, you can take part in adaptive sports, hosted by program’s Athlete Ambassadors. TRY ME postcards, posters, and resources give newcomers the chance to try new activities that are good for their mind and body, while also connecting with like-minded individuals and establishing new relationships in the process.

Learn more about TRY ME sessions and how you can participate!

The Importance of Being Active

Physical activity is essential, especially for individuals with disabilities. Active movement helps you maintain health and strength but it also helps socially and psychologically too.

The power of active living offers benefits such as: self-esteem, confidence, improved muscle and bone health, weight control, assist in combating health conditions, diseases, and so much more. We urge you to challenge yourself!

Top image credit: Abilities.com

Skiing image credit: Disability Today Network

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